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Mia Korpi

Life & Transformation Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

The mental tools will help you to use your mind and body – thought processes, emotions and actions—to create wise life strategies with focus and clarity of purpose.

My Story

Founder of the NewEra Wellness Concept, Wellness Coach, Educator and Translator. 

Mia has been working in Integrative Medicine Institute in Canada with leading experts in health and wellness, creating and coordinating individualized and transformational wellness programs.

She has received personal mentoring from Joseph McClendon III, the top coach of the leading Business and Life Strategist’s Tony Robbins’, and has worked as a team leader in Joseph’s wellness seminars in Marbella, Spain. 

Her background includes working with high end luxury spa groups, launching new facilities, creating signature treatments and concept standards, as well as training therapists and the staff, according to company standards.

She has worked as a DMK educator and a translator for Dr. Danné Montague King, training skin specialists in his groundbreaking skin revision concept for well over a decade.  

Mia is also a board member for Haarnio Ltd.

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