GLAMFIT BRIDAL DESIGNHer Program is a luxurious head-to-toe body, mind and beauty makeover.

You will get Pro Fitness Model Amrit Dhaliwal’s cutting-edge Hollywood beauty secrets, body type fitness routines, anti-aging rituals, nutritional tips, motivation and much more. You will shape your body and mind with a lifelong gift to your overall health and wellness. Your Wedding Day symbolizes a new life and a new you!

Precious stones, most notably Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds have always garnered high esteem and adoration. Down countless centuries, these highly sought out treasures have filled men with desire. Brilliant and unique, like all of us, they can be reshaped and polished into dazzling bodies of fire and radiance, capable of lighting up a setting they are placed in. 

The precious stones, just like the heart of the Warrior Bride, are not only beautiful, but also powerful. The Warrior Bride program and coaching will guide you to your deepest and purest identity. When you radiate your deepest identity, you truly shine bright like a diamond! You will not only be ready for your wedding, but the marriage and the life following it.

The Bride; no one in the world can duplicate her majestic aura. The stars have aligned and the Universe bows to her ethereal beauty!